Pretenders, a poetry project, examines and explores imposters, imposter feelings and imposter syndrome by collecting and weaving together a variety of voices and experiences. Using recorded interviews with 15 people, I'm creating a new collection of poetic monologues that attempts to reproduce and bring to life these voices on the page. Pretenders is supported by Arts Council England. 



Listen to short audio clips from my conversations with interviewees Lolita, Peter and Janet.



Writing Pretenders: updates on my writing process

I wrote about finding the right form and process to explore imposter feelings. Read 'Masks, Boats and Diving into the Wreck' on the Dialect Writers blog. February 2023.


''Among the Pretenders', which features an extract from my work in progress on imposter syndrome, is published in The Sociological Review Magazine alongside lots of great pieces about sociology and writing. With thanks to Lynn-Marie Harper. September 2022. 


Imposters! Poetry of Personae, Pretence & Imposter Syndrome

This 10-week online international poetry writing course will repeat at The Poetry School in spring 2024, starting Thursday 18 January. This course is now sold out. 


Image: Planet Flem/ istock