A Poetry Book Society recommendation

'Feral is musical, joyously weird, and filled with moments of pure pleasure.'

- The Telegraph


'A revelation of beauty, precision and force.'

- Kate Wakeling, The Morning Star

'These are poems of a marvellously observed bodily interiority which engage with our animal selves, at a loss in the concrete warrens of our cities, as they starve or gorge, roam or home. The resulting book is deeply personal, compelling, occasionally hilarious and frequently unsettling as the “strange fish” of our thoughts emerge from their “iron guardedness” and hitch themselves to the amazing railings of these poems. And the radio poem The Blown Definitions is a wonder, a whole island mythos to itself. Kate Potts is one of the foremost writers of our generation. Buy this monstrously brilliant book.’
– Fiona Benson


'Intricate, vital-tender, dazzling work — Potts’ poetry sings even as it bares its teeth.'

– Eley Williams


'Feral is a storehouse of manifold enchantments: a book in which lore and personal iconography are melded to startling effect. The technical assurance displayed here alongside a strong beating heart make for a sonically and emotionally rich reading, and re-reading, experience. This collection is “a feat of balance”, as the poem “Iron Horse” has it, where each component gives shape and function to the elegant motion of the whole.’

– Kayo Chingonyi



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Photo credit: Naomi Woddis