Koestler Voices: New Poetry from Prisons


This beautiful book of poetry from The Koestler Trust's annual poetry prizes, which I edited in 2017, is available to buy at the Koestler online shop here

'This is a powerful and inspirational collection born from hard-won experience, thinking time, and above all literary talent.'

'The poems in this anthology are compelling human documents, offering a unique insight into the rhythms of life beyond prison walls, and imagined vistas beyond. They are as various in shape and mood as the minds that made them.'
Sarah Howe




Recently Published

'Animal Song (I)', 'Scanderoon', 'Pistons and Bones' and 'Lullaby Girl' in The White Review 21, Spring 2018. 

The House of Pain and Mending: On Prison Poetry' in The Poetry Review 104:4, Winter 2017. 

'Catalogue of Strange Fish' in The Poetry Review 107:1, Spring 2017 and in POETRY, May 2017.

'Borderlands': Review of Anne Carson's Float and Sharon Olds's Odes in The Poetry Review 106:4, Winter 2016.

''Social Class in Contemporary UK Poetry': Essay in Poetry Wales Winter 2016.


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Photo credit: Naomi Woddis