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Reading at The White Review/ Burley Fisher Books Poetry Salon. Friday 4 May 2018, 7pm.  

'Animal Song (I)', 'Scanderoon', 'Pistons and Bones' and 'Lullaby Girl' in The White Review 21, Spring 2018. 

The House of Pain and Mending: On Prison Poetry' in The Poetry Review 104:4, Winter 2017. 

Koestler Voices: New Poetry from Prisons (editor). The Koestler Trust, September 2017. 

'Catalogue of Strange Fish' in The Poetry Review 107:1, Spring 2017 and in POETRY, May 2017.

'Borderlands': Review of Anne Carson's Float and Sharon Olds's Odes in The Poetry Review 106:4, Winter 2016.

''Social Class in Contemporary UK Poetry': Essay in Poetry Wales Winter 2016.


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Photo credit: Naomi Woddis